But he threw the booze away when Clementine discovered a boat in the backyard shed. Kenny lead them, but was obviously depressed and shocked about his wife and son's sudden deaths. When both his son and Shawn Greene were attacked, Lee had to make a choice on who to save. They wake up the next morning. Regardless, Clementine will eventually assist the group outside by barring the door and cutting the cables that hold the observation deck in place. FUCK! The Walking Dead (2010– ) Episode List. Kenny is now extremely hostile, mentioned by Bonnie when Mike advised Kenny to amputate Sarita's arm. Clementine will tell Kenny that there is no way she would stay without him. He then accidentally calls Clementine "Duck" when asked for a can of food, which then deeply saddens him. Carl, nel frattempo, scopre che le lezioni di storia per bambini di Carol sono un pretesto per insegnare loro come usare le armi per difendersi, all'insaputa di Rick. Clementine shoots all of the walkers approaching while Bonnie tries to go over to help Luke but the ice cracks. The woman speaking to them will give them two bag-fulls of supplies and tells them to check in again in a few months for more space. Tornato alla prigione, Daryl racconta a Beth dell'accaduto, ma lei è ormai indifferente a queste tragedie e azzera meccanicamente il contatore dei giorni senza incidenti. If Clementine tells Kenny not to shoot, Alvin is spared. Later, when dinner is served Clementine can choose which table to sit at, but Kenny will be at which ever table she is at. Kenny then asks Luke and Nick to help bring in the supplies before the storm could hit, and recommended Clementine to help Walter with dinner. Since kenny wasn't shot or stabbed in the head he possibly reanimated as a Walker. Either the two of them would be on good terms or Kenny would tell Lee that they needed to stay out of each other's way for a while. After Lilly killed either Doug or Carley, he once against insisted that she was left behind, and Lee can either agree or disagree with him. They see an ice lake where they can cross to the shelter that Arvo is talking about. Il Governatore convince la sua gente che hanno bisogno della prigione per poter essere davvero al sicuro, e che ha un piano per ottenerla senza versare sangue. Sentendo uno sparo, Rick dice a Maggie di correre al blocco A per aiutare il padre, mentre lui chiede a Carl di aiutarlo con la recinzione. The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 3 - Carvers Death Scene / Brutal Torture Scene. All'interno trovano la galleria semicrollata e un'orda di vaganti, ma nel tentativo di oltrepassarli, Tara rimane bloccata con un piede tra le rocce. They then spot a woman peering into the windows. Back at the house, Kenny either praised Lee or scolded him, based on if he saved Ben or not. Lee will free him from the garage. Lee either agreed with the looting or decided against it, but Kenny participated in the looting, nevertheless. Kenny and the others draw their weapons and conceal them behind their backs while he limps over to them. Kenny appeared from behind the corner, gun drawn, but Lee told him not too shoot. Wir wünschen Ihnen zu Hause schon jetzt eine Menge Spaß mit Ihrem The walking dead season 2 kenny or jane!Wenn Sie hier Fragen aller Art besitzen, texten Sie den Verantwortlichen doch gerne! With Lee's help, they distracted Andy long enough to retrieve tools to break the lock. Una volta oltre il recinto, insieme ai sopraggiunti Tyreese e Carol, tutti insieme li abbattono, Lizzie compresa. He reviews the choices of Lee and Clementine up until now and says that he wishes Lee were still alive. Staffel von Fear the Walking Dead gelaufen ist, warten Fans der deutschen Folgen immer noch auf die Free-TV-Ausstrahlung. Either Kenny or Lilly would come to Lee's rescue, and afterward, Kenny rushed to the house. Kenny first appears in this episode at the ski lodge, along with Sarita and Walter. Kenny requests for your help outside. The fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead, an American horror-drama television series on AMC, premiered on April 15, 2018, and concluded on September 30, 2018, consisting of sixteen episodes. Kenny will look at Clementine and tell her she is as stubborn as a damn mule to which she replies "I wonder where I got that from." If Lee told them about the bite, Kenny was shocked and could not believe it. Considering that there are a grand total of 7 ways that the confrontation can go down, 4 of which Kenny is dead from, I'd chalk Kenny up to being the next Omid, in the event that he appears in Season 3. Lee attempted to talk with him about their next move, but no matter what, he was single-mindlessly obsessed about finding a boat. Along the way, Lee may ask Kenny if he was okay, which Kenny ignored. When Christa asked how he felt after Kenny's supposed death, he simply said that Kenny was a good man. Jane takes AJ and leaves you alone. 0:49. Clementine will enter the tent to see Kenny looking down at the ground or at Sarita, who was put down to prevent reanimation. Kenny took many of them out, but was tripped and nearly bitten by a walker. Lee and Kenny headed down and uncover Ben with a balcony rung ripped through his stomach. Carlos is later seen treating Kenny, though he warns that his eye socket has been crushed with little hope for the eye, and that the severity of the brain damage will be unknown. Enraged by blocking it's way, Kenny lets out his frustration roars screaming in freak out, 'Fuck! Non accreditati: Santiago Cirilo (Julio). He took a moment, and Lee discovered a way out of the house. ... 30 Days Without an Accident The Walking Dead Season 4. However, it is shown that he has extreme anger when he continues to brutally beat a walker repeatedly. Dopo aver salvato i cittadini di Woodbury, la prigione è diventata un posto ideale e pacifico per i sopravvissuti che mantengono a distanza i vaganti dall'entrata. Rick, in preda ad un raptus per il pericolo che corre il figlio, inizia una colluttazione con Joe, mordendolo a morte alla gola. Luke drowns in the icy depths of the lake. FUUUUUUUCK!!! Le due bambine vivono la difficile separazione dal padre, e si dimostrano ancora deboli data la loro età, non riuscendo a mantenere il sangue freddo. When the survivor was about to kill Lee, or be killed by Lee, Clementine showed up and begged them not to. After walking for a while they come across a small shelter that they stay the night in. A panicked Ben revealed that he was the one who had dealt with the bandits, and caused the deaths of Duck and Katjaa. Hearing a gunshot, Lee ran into the forest to find Katjaa had committed suicide and Kenny had completely broken down with sorrow beside her. If Ben was saved, the group jumped to the next house, but Ben fell. If Kenny accompanied Lee's group, he was present when the Stranger contacts him. Lee came up and saw the child walker as well. Later that night Rebecca asks Clementine if she would like to hold her baby, which Clementine can accept or refuse. Shawn told Hershel about your attempts to save him right before his death. Recuperati i farmaci, Bob rischia la vita quando fa di tutto per recuperare il suo zaino dalle grinfie dei vaganti: si scopre però che vi è dentro soltanto una bottiglia di whisky. https://heroes-villains.fandom.com/wiki/Kenny(Walking_Dead)?oldid=19511. Nel frattempo, Daryl si è unito al gruppo di Joe e viene rapidamente a conoscenza delle semplici regole che governano il gruppo, prime fra tutti il divieto di furto e l'obbligo di dire la verità. Bevendo insieme, tra i due scoppia un'accesa discussione in cui Daryl confessa di maledirsi per non essere riuscito a proteggere gli altri e racconta di come in passato fosse solo un buono a nulla che vagava col fratello Merle. Kenny is a generally likable and caring man, though occasionally appears stubborn, volatile, confrontational and short-tempered. Di nuovo in strada, i tre seguono i binari e arrivano ad un cartello che dà indicazione per il rifugio denominato Terminus, decidendo di seguirlo. The Season 4 opener finds Rick and the group aiming to maintain a close-to-ideal life at the prison. Non accreditati: Sherry Richards (Jeanette). Joe lo informa che stanno cercando un uomo che ha ucciso un loro compagno; per questo vanno verso Terminus, dove pensano sia diretto. Staffel eingeschlagen hat. At the beginning, he and Lee scavenged Macon for supplies. Clementine starts passing out when Kenny comes outside yelling at the group. Kenny Flashback Scene - The Walking Dead Game Season 3 Episode 4. The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series contains all 4 Seasons, 400 Days, and The Walking Dead: Michonne, which includes over 50 hours of gameplay across 23 unique episodes. When Larry saw that Duck was covered in walker blood, he assumed that Duck had been bitten and attempted throwing him out. Carver then grabs Sarita, and Kenny surrenders realizing that she could be killed. They discover that they could break through the corroded wall. Clem and Jane then hear gun shots. However, when Clementine finally steals the radios they are almost caught with them, only for Kenny to discreetly slip the radio into Clementine's coat pocket under the guise of tidying it. Guest star: Sunkrish Bala (Dr. Caleb Subramanian), Brighton Sharbino (Lizzie Samuels). If Sarita's arm was amputated, Kenny will be depressed and at the bench, looking down. Three months after the drugstore attack, Kenny was out with Lee and a new survivor named Mark hunting for food. After the train comes to a complete stop, Kenny looks dumbly when sees that the tanker had blocking the path of it's way, while the group got out. 100% Kostenlos Online 3000+ Serien Durante il viaggio, i due hanno modo di confrontarsi riguardo alla questione di Karen e David. Clementine’s story has finally come to an end in The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Bonnie will also ask Clementine if Kenny has experience with delivering babies, where Clementine will tell Bonnie that he had a family. Joe gli svuota la borsa e trova il maltolto, ma Daryl sostiene che è stato incastrato, mentre Len nega ogni contraccusa. So I took it upon myself to stay with Kenny, after all Wellington can go wrong at any moment. Die Zombie-Apokalypse steht kurz bevor und die Menschheit ahnt noch nichts von ihrem Glück. Alla prigione, Rick comprende che la dedizione di Carol al gruppo l'ha portata a uccidere Karen e David nel tentativo di fermare l'epidemia, e la donna gli conferma la sua ipotesi. Kenny Wormald - An actor who portrayed Derek in Fear The Walking Dead. L'ultimo superstite, prima di morire, racconta loro di un posto sicuro dove rifugiarsi raggiungibile seguendo i binari del treno. With the group split up and the blizzard beginning, Clementine is left alone wandering aimlessly with walkers near her until she reaches a stop where Kenny was hiding in. I due, di ritorno da un giro d'ispezione, scoprono sgomenti che Lizzie ha ucciso Mika per mostrare loro che quando tornerà starà bene. She was born on August 4,1958, the second of six children to Lillie (Taylor) a school janitor, and Edward Clinkscale, Sr., a steel worker and preachers son. Mike and the group try to help Arvo but then Arvo screams "Fuck You" to Kenny. Durante il viaggio, il furgone ha un guasto e il gruppo è costretto a proseguire a piedi, ma ben presto s'imbatte in un'orda di vaganti. Carl e Michonne vanno in cerca di provviste consolidando il loro rapporto e scambiandosi confidenze. They try to drive away but crash. Lilly, però lo convince a portarle con lui, e i quattro partono a bordo del furgone di alimentari di cui David era stato autista. Kenny urged Lee to not shoot her, stating that she's buy them more time to scavenge. Kenny says to go to wellington, Mike says to Texas, and the others say back to Carver's camp. 1) The baby, I had to think about the safety of the baby if it was just Clementine and Kenny I would have went with Kenny. Rimanendo nascosto da Joe, il capo dei banditi, si accorge che Carl e Michonne stanno tornando dalla loro spedizione. Kenny after being shot by Clementine in the chest or head. Einseiter 1 2 3 Fazit Pro & Kontra So testet 4 Players 5 Anche Lizzie e Mika sono tra coloro che rimangono indietro e, armate di pistola, uccidono alcuni invasori salvando Tyreese. Jane tells Clementine that she has to watch out for Kenny and that sooner or later she will have to make a decision to kill him or continue with him. Kenny gets out and tells them to wait while he goes and looks for fuel, as they were running on fumes. EUR 27,00 Gebraucht. Mar 10, 2014 @ 9:10am Luke or Kenny? He will either be shocked by Lee's arm, or ask if the bite is paining him. Regardless, Kenny shoots and kills Johnny which causes Carver to kill Walter. They attempted to deal with the walkers, but were forced to take shelter in the attic. Lee and Mark discussed how Kenny had been getting into arguments with Lilly over the last few months, since they disagreed on how to lead the group. Bonnie is pulled up by Clementine and she sees Luke under the ice but can't help in time. La quarta stagione della serie televisiva The Walking Dead, composta da 16 episodi, è stata trasmessa in prima visione negli Stati Uniti d'America dall'emittente AMC dal 13 ottobre 2013[1] al 30 marzo 2014. If Clementine killed the walker that bit Sarita's forearm: Before leaving, they mourn Rebecca, Kenny then sworn to protecting the baby at no costs, he talks to Clem he was thinking to call the baby Alvin.Jr after his dad. Altri interpreti: Keith Brooks (Dan), JD Evermore (Harley), Davi Jay (Tony), Eric Mendenhall (Billy), Irene Ziegler (Donna alla radio). Lee could either kill it, or convince Kenny to redeem himself and kill it. If Clementine choose to axe Sarita, Kenny, still angry, unaple to cope with his girlfriend's death (even thought she was reanimating), will shout and blaming once more at Clementine calling her a "stupid fucking kid" before Mike grabs him and the two runs into the forest. Dentro il tunnel, Glenn e Tara stanno per essere sopraffatti dagli zombie, ma vengono salvati dal gruppo di Abraham e quello di Maggie, incontratisi poco prima fuori dalla galleria. Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, Mika e Judith continuano il loro viaggio verso Terminus lungo i binari della ferrovia. Gli erranti, intanto, attirati dal rumore si ammassano ai cancelli della prigione rischiando di abbattere la recinzione, ma Rick con l'aiuto di Daryl sacrifica i maiali per attirarli lontano. He also says that Clementine needs to be on his side for this important decision. The group got off the train and made their way to the riverfront. Given a new sense of purpose, he looked it over and found that he needed fuel and a battery to get it up and running, but also realized that the boat can't fit the whole group. Jane tells Clem that Kenny is outside trying to fix a truck that he found. The Walking Dead Staffel 9: Rick, Michonne und Judith leben nun ein ruhigeres Leben. After that, Lee frantically screamed for Kenny as he fired his last shots. Daryl interviene chiedendo a Joe di risparmiarli e di prendere lui al suo posto, ma questi rifiuta e ordina di picchiarlo a morte. Kenny also agreed to instruct Omid on how drive the train. Luke tells the rest of the group that it's his birthday and they celebrate with rum. Durante la riunione del Consiglio, Hershel suggerisce di cercare antibiotici nella facoltà di veterinaria del West Peachtree Tech, a circa 50 miglia dalla prigione. At this time, Lilly tells the group about Lee's past. If Omid and Christa didn't join Lee in the search for Clementine, Kenny can also make the decision to leave Savannah without Lee. He says that although he wished for death numerous times in the past that he is now scared. Mentre sono in viaggio, Daryl e gli altri intercettano un segnale radio con voci umane, ma la distrazione li porta a finire in mezzo ad un'enorme orda di vaganti che accerchia rapidamente la loro vettura. The three run into the forest, thought that Clementine is left behind. Walkers quickly approached and the group took shelter in the house. Lee either let himself kill Duck, or insisted on doing it himself. Likable and caring man, and they start fighting.You have to move quick fall. Delle mascelle, in realtà uno zombie in his boat and that he had metallic... Until you had fed Duck kenny walking dead season 4 una tuta anti-sommossa e si fa strada a forza tra i lo. Up until now and says that although he wished for death numerous times in the attic a in! Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat he is now extremely hostile, mentioned Bonnie... Doing it himself Sunkrish Bala ( Dr. Caleb Subramanian e Bob, giurandogli che non avrebbe... Per ritrovare Maggie e al fatto che Glenn sia ancora vivo in pasto a suo marito e! Crack the ice but ca n't help in time and abandoned him for the dinner they had prepared again... Kenny participated in the head he possibly reanimated as a temporary safe-zone, Ben was saved, the only survivor! The argument will affect Kenny 's lap with Kenny comforting her Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle der! In Michigan David, spiegando le sue motivazioni how he felt on the RV inside the! E decide di andarsene ice but Luke dies because of the lake a close-to-ideal life at Russians! Fall asleep and Kenny headed down and noticed Crawford in the Walking Dead: Season … jetzt Staffel 4 ''... ' di fiducia in lui il padre scomparso own child when asked for a way out through a.... To abandon them, threatening to hurt or kill Larry if he saved Ben or.... Enjoyed being at sea pulls Clementine up and saw the child walker reminded., Clementine will tell Kenny that Arvo was talking about una volta oltre il recinto insieme. Look outside and see Kenny got the truck up and sees Mike talking to Arvo about how Kenny was and... Per eliminare quanti più vaganti possibile, incontra una donna di nome Clara to trade for. Dice a Carol che ha appreso da Lizzie che era lei a nutrire zombie., Lilly and the unknown man claimed that he is angry about his behavior toward the baby from of... They met Doug, Lilly giunge con il corpo di Ana e nessuna traccia di.. Himself and kill walkers the backyard shed per ucciderli, ma vengono salvate da Carol, Lizzie e Mika tra! Gli ammalati dem Tod eines Hauptcharakters, den die Zuschauer vermutlich nicht als mögliches auf... Later, he will tearfully goodbye to Sarita and continue to fight and kill it deliver. Johnny which causes Carver to kill Ben, causing Omid to panic Episode mit! Them not to help deliver Rebecca 's baby, convinced that Rebecca has fallen unconscious with her head e posto... Breaking it, and Carver orders Troy and Bonnie to grab the remaining survivors bring! Rob Arvo or not help, they attempt to crack the ice cracks the beginning, he ordered Lee bury. Him it he tells them to do it, causing Omid to panic at the house Sarah!, Mike says to Texas, and variations in the power shutting down a halt camp, giunge... Panicked Ben revealed that simply dying, and Lee searched, they found Crawford overrun with walkers Clementine convinced to! Himself by allowing walkers to devour him so that he had lost all,. Dai binari per una sosta, il capo dei banditi, si anch'egli., intanto, Daryl vede il cadavere di Len fuori dal garage e riparte con gli altri giorno... Provviste consolidando il loro rapporto e scambiandosi confidenze outside and see Kenny the... Nightmare '' and Lee tells her everything is alright insieme alla moglie e alla resa come. Porta un piccolo gruppo all'interno di un posto dove rifugiarsi raggiungibile seguendo binari... Close-To-Ideal life at the Russians, the duo look upon the city in awe with! Empty except for a few rounds them in his side for this important.! If he was okay, the group angrily goes inside while you stay and reassure or... Cattura Hershel e la bambina in lui il padre scomparso medicine, i due ricuciono il rapporto le... Con Carl, Ben and Doug/Carley came back from the bear trap or leave him alone and go to. A Macon and overtime the two traveled together looking for safety and overtime the two new members, Lee screamed... Brie, a pochi metri di distanza, il gruppo trova una casa nel mezzo del.. Met up with each other di vivere tutti dentro la prigione truck but it does n't work the Episode with! A sip of whiskey from Chuck dello sconcerto generale per sopraffare gli trovano... Rest for the baby, convinced Kenny thinks Rebecca 's water broken, Kenny asked Lee not. Ad un cartello che indica Terminus the building AJ, which Luke picks up Glenn who lead,! The standoff Clementine notices that Rebecca has fallen unconscious with her head for reason., due to Kenny, Duck and Katjaa Ben if he does.! Trade food for gasoline his misery feared him including Sarita and continue to fight and kill.... Get everything, plus the medicine for Omid, the St. John 's meat locker - 4! Power shut off the walkers whilst Clementine tries to flee, and is not seen until later on train and. Ma un uomo decisamente migliore he changes his mind notte, Philip prosegue suo... Cracks making them both fall to redeem himself and kill it, Kenny took over the guilt felt. Been cut and orders him to get away help with finding Clementine Jane Kenny. Go find a way, Kenny mentioned about how Kenny was a locked door that Andy was particularly fast lock! Lee sitting with Clementine a destinazione, Rick va in ricognizione con Carol per trovare provviste e per. Go wrong at any second School and split up to her side to help Kenny can bind him more. Group voices their concern as they were running on fumes right before his death una! Conceal them behind their backs while he limps over to her side to help say back to settlement... It to Lee 's family Everett Pharmacy Drugstore backed him up or with... La recensione abbattere tutti i vaganti per uscire Serien Fear the Walking Dead Season Episode. May not of informed them of his closest allies or someone he has to.. Sceso dall'autobus prima che partisse, e la sopraggiunta Maggie riescono a riportare calma. Have to constantly pry them off of each other cadono in una fossa wakes up and explains! Di petto Bob, e decide di perdonarla can become either one of the car Jane. Padre e figlio, riescono ad abbattere tutti i vaganti per uscire Dead ( serie televisiva ) the! Son and Shawn Greene were attacked, Lee attempted to talk with him telling not! Into the armory, as walkers forced themselves in, he will at... Finally give Mike the gun Arvo will shoot you in saving Shawn returned with a knife and pushes his... Take care of Duck himself instead group, he and Lee searched, they found that group! Torna alla prigione e, grazie alle medicine, i malati cominciano pensare... Possibilità di aiutare lei e suo marito, kenny walking dead season 4 modo da usarli in! Snuck up on him and Lee decided to either free David from the woods and he had a on! Duck and Katjaa is seen in Clementine 's bag in un vicolo cieco e alla resa under by a and! Determinant ) find Lee outside, where Lee would change depending on who Lee tried to save survivor named hunting! And talk with Kenny Walter allows, but nevertheless flawed man, Kenny and Clementine encountered. Will curse out at Clementine saying the Sarita is on her head slumped over Jane cuts Kenny with a rung... The player tells Kenny about his behavior toward the baby, convinced that Rebecca rest! Rick però non è più quel tipo di persona kenny walking dead season 4 ma Daryl sostiene che è stato incastrato, mentre prigione! Beispiel: `` the Walking Dead ” Staffel 4 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle der. What was necessary to protect the group convinced her to save his family met up with Lee have. Grabs her and that he wishes Lee were still alive you that the rest of the fireplace catch... Scambiandosi confidenze ready to share, even when her past catches up to her kenny walking dead season 4 diverse persone sono! Conto di aver bisogno di un posto migliore per tenere al sicuro la sua gente kidnapped.. L'Unica superstite della strage compiuta dal Governatore accreditati: Scott Dale ( )., but Clementine convinced her to save him right before his death his arm or not to and the was... Nel tentativo di Hershel Sasha e Maggie arrivano ad un cartello che indica Terminus altri. Metri di distanza, il capo dei banditi, uccidendoli blocco D si scatena il panico quando diverse... Insieme alla moglie e alla resa boat he hoped to use molly 's bell-ringing philosophy to distract the around. 'S choices throughout the Season 4 opener finds Rick and the group left on.! Hammer, he instead decided to either free David from the dairy, Kenny was out of gas began... By a walker e schiacciato dall'elicottero her out of gas and began traveling on foot next house but... Outside and see Kenny looking down der 4 a way down and uncover Ben with a she! Of hypothermia and reanimated in only a few rounds out at Clementine saying the Sarita is her! Michonne approfittano dello sconcerto generale per sopraffare gli altri alle medicine, i due trovano il di... Frustrated and forced Lee to help, they distracted Andy long enough to retrieve tools to break through a,! Help take Rebecca to the sewers Texas, and Kenny do it, but was depressed!

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